Andrew H

Andrew is a Canadian indie developer residing in Michigan. His game-related work can be found under the company name “Dust Scratch Games.”

Mars Ashton

Narrative/Production/QA@Heart Machine. Award-winning Indie Gamedev.

Matthew Willard

Programmer by day, programmer by night! Matthew loves to program and everything games! Matthew started his journey back in 1999, writing his first 'Application' in QBasic on a garbage picked computer. Matthew loves the industry, and loves creating.

Mike Klamerus

Michael is an indie game developer from the Metro Detroit area and co-founder of the Michigan indie games collective Locally Sourced.

Ryan Soulard

Ryan is a software developer in southeast Michigan as well as the owner of and lead developer at Salt Free Interactive. When not playing or making games, he enjoys camping with his family and friends.

Steven Zavala

Steven is a game developer from the Metro Detroit area and the Founder/President-for-Life of Flyover Games. He was placed on this earth to be the greatest indie game dev hype man that he can be. He believes in you.